Winter Warmers


Forget the shorter days, the bitter wind and the fact that you can see your breath in your bedroom when you wake up in the morning; these winter warmers are all you need to brighten your grey surroundings and get you thinking about wrapping up in front of the fire with a mug of hot chocolate in one hand and the Christmas holidays in the not so distant future. They are sure to inject some much-needed colour to campus and keep you from shivering your way through those painful hours in the RDS, which seems to be devoid of all heat even with the presence of hundreds of people.

Adding a splash of colour and texture with these colourful buys is sure to brighten up both your mood and your wardrobe. Not only that, they’ll be kind to your purse too, since a playful scarf and some patterned gloves are wardrobe additions without huge impact on a budget. A background palette of neutrals and darks are the best way to show off your new purchases, and don’t be afraid when it comes to going wild with the patterns. The key this winter is to clash in a matching kind of way – pay no heed to those old-fashioned matching rules your mum insisted on, but make sure the patterns complement each other and ensure they aren’t all fighting for attention, so much that you wind up with a headache from just looking in the mirror. Colour blocking is another good way to approach this – make each piece a clashing colour. Try a brilliant mustard coloured scarf such as the Penneys one featured, along with a vibrant hat, jewel-coloured gloves and any other bright additions you can get your hands on. Making sure each piece is a different colour is an easy way to clash without having to worry about patterns.

Stores are full to the brim with chunky cardigans and kitsch jumpers, which are perfect for layering and keeping that much-needed heat in. Fake fur is also set to be a big winter trend, particularly in the form of detachable collars such as the one shown here. These are a versatile and practical buy – they can provide a twist for a plain jacket during the day or even jazz up an evening outfit to add a touch of class to your favourite LBD. Fur has also found its way onto a multitude of scarves and hats, so if you aren’t brave enough for the drama of a fur coat or collar, stick to these more subtle nods to the trend.

So have fun with these winter buys, and throw out the rulebook. Pile it on. Layer it up. You’ll be warm and toasty right through the season.