Review – UCD Fashion Show 2012


This year’s UCD Fashion Show took place last Tuesday and Wednesday, Sophie Lioe went along to check out the latest in modelling, styling and design that Belfield has to offer.

As the O’Reilly Hall filled up and the lights fell for the opening of this year’s UCD Fashion Show, you couldn’t help but absorb the buzzing atmosphere and get swept up in the glamour of it all; for the catwalk like that looked more like it belongs to London Fashion Week than a student-run, charity fashion show. This year the show was in aid of the Marc Owens Medical Fund, a worthy cause and one with various close links to the college itself. And what a show they put on

The theme this year was Fashion Through the Ages, an excellent forum for showcasing some innovative styling and an excellent soundtrack. Opening with a throwback to the old-school glamour of the 20’s and 30’s, models confidently strutted out in some classy lingerie which had been tastefully styled with silk robes, quirky 20’s headbands, pearl necklaces, and rollered hair. The guys had no problem getting their tops off and attracting a few wolf-whistles along the way. The section then moved on to include flapper skirts, drop waists and plenty of lace, layers and neutral tones – perfectly in keeping with the demure allure of the era. The boys showcased some classic old-time sports attire, complete with bowler hats and striped blazers.

Then came the 40’s and 50’s, whose soundtrack was as strong as the styling. What was particularly obvious in this section, and continued throughout, was that the models looked like they were actually enjoying themselves. It was so refreshing to see models with smiles on their faces and attitudes to match. The 60’s and 70’s section, however, got off to a rather shaky start with a lack of differentiation between this new era and the previous looks. However, we can’t forget that it’s difficult to get the 60’s look right without heading down to your local costume shop. The looks gradually got stronger, the 70’s really hitting hard with shearing coats and patterned vintage shirts. The 80’s and 90’s section was brought to life with some throwback tunes from the Backstreet Boys – expertly performed by some brilliant male models who looked like they were joyfully reliving their boy band dreams from back in the day.

The Young Designer of the Year competition brought an air of high-fashion to the show, and each entrant showed their own designs, each of which looked like they had been plucked from the latest Vogue editorial. The models sashayed down the catwalk while the UCD Dance Society provided an elegant and innovative background. A charming performance by Paddy Casey completed the night, and as the show came to an end it was clear just how much effort had been thrown into this show – from the production, to the models, to the dancers; everything came together to showcase some of the finest student talents around, while raising money and awareness for such a worthy cause. Next year’s show has a tough act to follow.

Photography by Caoimhe McDonnell; read more about this year’s UCD Fashion Show in the latest edition of the University Observer, on campus and online this Tuesday, February 28th.