Fashion: Scents and Sensibility


The perfume industry is becoming an increasingly important part of the fashion world, writes Aoife Tierney

Admittedly, we’re all guilty of storming the perfume aisle, frantically covering every limb with the hottest new scent and attempting to smell as sweet as Kate Moss and Beyoncé. We may not have their assets, but we can cling to the thought that we might just smell as good as them. So what is it about perfume that makes us fork out our hard-earned cash?

The main attraction to wearing perfume is simply the desire to smell utterly gorgeous. Looking back, we all remember the delight of Secret Santa, where one was delighted with the annual Impulse seasonal set. Now, as college students, we have ditched the €3.99 fragrance and are introduced to the sophistication of designer fragrances.

We may not be able to afford that DKNY bag, but we can boast about wearing the distinctive scent: DKNY Be Delicious. It seems that perfume allows one of the few instances where we are not obliged to follow one or two specific trends – each guy and girl can chose their individual scent. Perfumes are so wide ranging they go from the floral Lola by Mark Jacobs, or Princess by Vera Wang, to the fruity Boss Orange, to oriental Kenzo.

Perfume appeals to a baser side in all of us. The sense of smell is one of the most powerful that humans have and specific perfumes and aftershaves can trigger memories as easily as photographs. Your perfume is as distinctive as your hair or fashion sense.

When picking a scent, it’s incredibly important to pace yourself. Your nose can only handle three scents at a time, so once you’ve sampled three perfumes, you need to give yourself a break. Smelling every bottle in Brown Thomas will not guarantee a perfect scent for you.

It’s also important to choose something that feels like a signature to you. Don’t fall for the trick of jumping on the perfume bandwagon by automatically choosing something that your friends would wear. Your perfume should feel like a personal stamp and an extension of your personality.

Designers like Hugo Boss, Gucci and Vera Wang also have now allowed their lines to include an extensive perfume range. While no students can scrape together the dough to buy an haute couture garment, wearing an elusive designer product is just a spray away.