Fashion: Ice ice baby


With snow expected in the coming months, Kieran Murphy explains how one can wrap up while still retaining a sense of style

A cold front is coming and our summer clothes just won’t cut it anymore. Clinging onto those colourful maxis and hooded shirts will result in hypothermia. It’s now officially time to wrap up for winter with fun new jumpers.

Given the recent onset of extremely frosty nights, a pair of pyjamas will no longer suffice. Winter jumpers are now cropping up in high street stores with new subtle designs that won’t break the bank or your reputation. Gone are reindeers with light-up noses and in are geometric Fair Isle patterns that give us just a hint of joy without all the unnecessary tinsel.

For ladies, the choice is more varied. Winter jumpers are being turned into shift tunics that are easy to dress down for college with a pair of skinny jeans. For a night out on the town, just whip off the jeans and throw on a pair of this season’s laced-up boots.

Men have been traumatised for years by witty-slogan-bearing T-shirts and girlfriends and mothers, who force them to wear naff jumpers every season. Retailers are giving men more leg room and making winter jumpers cool again, but they’re also encouraging accessorising with military boots to toughen up the look.

Winter jumpers cannot be your only means to fight away the blues this season, as an array of accessories are available to keep your fingers from numbing. Peruvian trapper hats once revered by hippies and skiers, but made truly famous by Dappy of N-Dubz, are still around to keep ravers happy and heat escaping through our heads. Scarves, while practical and Harry Potter-esque, are being pushed out of the way for snoods – basically scarves sewn together, thereby eliminating that awful predicament every morning where we can’t decide what way to tie our scarf.

So don’t feel bad about discarding your summer clothes for some thick jumpers, your health and fashion sense will ultimately benefit from the experience.

Stylist: Kieran Murphy

Styling Assistant: Aisling Murphy

Photographer: Conor Fox

Models: Rose Brennan and Anthony Hennessey


Anthony wears:

Chequered shirt – €24.99

White jumper – €44.99

Fair Isle jumper – €39.99

Black jeans – €39.99

Light blue jumper and shoes – model’s own

Rose wears:

Red dress – €32.99

Trapper hat – €11.99

Fair Isle dress – €32.99

Belt – €8.99

Military knit – €29.99

Jeans €24.99

Shoes €64.99

Leather jacket, snood and scarf – model’s own

All clothes from New Look.