Fashion: Autumn Updates


Surviving the cold months ahead requires significant wardrobe renovation, writes Kieran Murphy

The leaves are turning brown, the wind is messing up everyone’s hair and we can no longer wear flip-flops to college. Autumn has definitely arrived and for those who still aren’t in denial, it’s time to update your wardrobe for the upcoming chilly months.

While most of our summer clothes have become totally useless owing to the cold and wet weather, we can salvage some items. Shorts for women are still in, but to keep frostbite at bay, they must be paired with thick tights and, if you’re brave enough, thigh-high boots.

Guys can relax and still keep their checked shirts from the summer, though maybe it’s time to pair them with something new, such as a pair of suit pants or maybe a smart trench coat.

Military has been a trend for years now, but for autumn it seems to have evolved, with an emphasis on the buttons rather than the embellishments. The trend is now more focused on subtle hints of the armed forces, rather than full on colonel gear, and is suitable for both guys and girls.

Faux fur is making its mark this season, with fur gilets the easiest way to achieve a hint of glamour in your life. It can be combined with just a pair of jeans or simple dresses to make any outfit look spectacular.

Shearling is one of the must have fabrics this autumn, with it appearing on everything from jackets to gilets. This continues the military trend, but takes it away from classic military uniforms and more into Top Gun territory.

Big chunky wool knits are coming back into style; think Aran Island sweaters and you can’t be wrong. Wrap up in cropped jumpers for girls or a massive scarf, but be wary not to overboard and only wear one chunky knit piece at once.

Autumn weather is a bit haphazard allowing for all four seasons to fall in one week, but when it begins to rain non-stop, don’t fall into the trap of shapeless rain coats and dodgy boots. Face the bad weather with dignity and equip yourself with a smart black umbrella and one of this season’s trend coats to get to college dry and stylish.

Jane Lunnon

Michael O’Donnell

Michael Wears

Sweater – €20

Coat – €40

Shirt – €11

Shoes and Jeans Model’s Own

Jane Wears

Sweater – €11

Shorts – €15

Fur Gillet – €21

Shearling Gillet – €25

Jeans – €20

High Heels – €19

Tights and Shoes Model’s Own

Stylist: Kieran Murphy
Photographer: Emily O’Hanlon
Style Assistant: Imelda Hehir