A Trans-seasonal Transformation


So the holidays are finally over and your suitcase probably still remains unpacked in the corner of your room, full of all those pairs of shorts, sunglasses and sleeveless t-shirts from travels far and wide. But now what? Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t actually necessary to buy an entirely new wardrobe to get you through the looming Irish winter. With a few layers and autumnal accessorizing, your summer wardrobe can see you through the shorter days and freezing temperatures. However it’s safe to say that your bikini can be packed away for the foreseeable future.

Take your favourite maxi-dress, team it with a comfy, woolen jumper and it is instantly wearable through the winter. In fact, suddenly you have the most sought-after skirt length of the season, right there in your summer wardrobe. The dramatic length screams high fashion, when really you’ve just recycled your favourite summer piece, which you thought only belonged on the sunny beaches ofBarcelona.

The trick to making your summer wardrobe last you as long as possible is layering. Summery shirts and blouses are perfect for brightening up your winter basics. Throw a thick, cosy jumper over a summery skirt, layer tights and socks with your favourite pair of denim shorts for an instant wardrobe update.

Silky, spring-like scarves are perfect for lifting a dreary winter’s day and can be contrasted with your new knitted buys to ease you into autumn. Twist a woolen scarf around a silk one to keep your outfit from being stuck in a wintery rut.

Penneys have nailed the trans-seasonal problem with their new denim range, which can be used to warm up any summery favourite. The super-skinnies look great layered with chucky knit socks, while the new-season 70’s flares are a refreshing break from the skinnies. They’re also high-waisted, so you can wear those summer crop tops without worrying about showing too much skin.

So as the henna tattoos fade, the hair braids gradually come unraveled and we all slowly resort back to using Sun Shimmer – the real tans only existing in those sun-drenched holiday snaps – there’s no need to let go of the summer in its entirety. With a bit of layering and some inventive summer recycling you can hold on to it for that little bit longer.