Fantasy Football #9: We are the champions!

It’s happened, finally, and I can hardly believe it.

I am now top of The Badger’s Mini-League. I have beaten not only Matt Gregg, but Fenno. When Killian told me last night I honestly couldn’t believe it.

I’d like to think that it’s because of my stellar talent and instinct, but in reality, we’ve all had a really crap week. If you look closely at all of the teams in the league, we’re all quite similar. Milner is a frequent choice, as is Rooney. Plus, as stated in my previous blog, no one has been playing apart from Portsmouth, and who’s going to pick players from a team that are going bankrupt?

While my relationship with Team News is now quite satisfactory, there are some clouds on the horizon. We’re no longer like a failed marriage. Now it’s more like a relationship that exists for convenience. I’m not totally in love with them, but they’re making me happy. However, one of my stars is looking shaky. Cesc Fabregas injured his hamstring and was out for his recent Champions League match. He, along with Rooney, is one of my main points scorers. It just seems so unfair that they’d both get injured at the same time.

However, I’m trying to remain positive. The fact that I’m number one is really quite comforting. Gav told me that it’s only because I like to be superior to men in traditionally male pursuits, but in reality it’s because winning is awesome. I’m not going to let anyone make me feel ashamed of loving winning and hating losing, because that’s how life is.

You can do it Fabregas!

In reality, I know that I’m not the best person at this and I’ve had a lot of help. If and when things go back to normal, I know that I’ll return to my normal position of third or fourth. However, I’ll probably go lower because of stupid Fabregas and Rooney. They should man up and forget about their injuries. I know I say this a lot, but I’ve put a lot into this and they really should realise this.

It doesn’t matter though. As long as I’m beating Killian, everything’s fine.