Fantasy Football #10: Second best

I’ve slipped down to second. I knew my glory just couldn’t last. Paul Fennessy is some sort of Fantasy Football deity who knows exactly who to pick, who to make captain, who to sub. It’s really unfair, but still, second isn’t too bad.

Awful hair. Maybe I should get rid of him...

I’m having a moral crisis regarding Fabregas. He’s still injured. He’s been one of my star players, but I can’t really afford to keep him on the bench anymore. It’s been almost two weeks. I need all the points I can get if I’m to beat Fenno. If I did get rid of Fabregas, I have no idea who I’d replace him with. Lampard would be too expensive, I dislike Jermaine Defoe, it’s all too hard. I have such an affection for Fabregas that it’d pain me to be rid of him. It’s like Catriona’s deranged love for Toby Flood, who never seems to play, ever (sorry Catriona). I think that I’ll sit it out one more week, then consider my options. Much as it pains me to admit it, I can’t afford to have a lame duck on my team, even if it is lovely Fabregas.

I’ve also become complacent about my choice of captain. I’ve written about this before, but I usually just kept it as Rooney, just for convenience’s sake. This week, I’ve decided to head up Team News with Milner. I know that he’s not a looker, but now that Fabregas is gone, Team News has become a crowd of uglies. I’ve never really found the Premiership that attractive. I used to love Freddie Ljunberg, but now he’s gone. In addition, no one’s allowed fancy Thierry Henry after Hand-of-Frog-gate. I’m sorry to be so shallow, but I do appreciate some eye candy when selecting my team. Villa are playing twice this week, so I think Milner’s a good bet for captain.

Zack Morris is a Team News supporter.

Dawson is doing fine. He got me two points for playing ninety minutes. I’m also doing better in Fantasy Six Nations. I’m up from last to fifth. Really backing Catriona on this one. If I win Fantasy Premier League and she wins Fantasy Six Nations, we will have struck a blow for women everywhere and won. Again, winning is awesome. Let’s just hope that this week pushes me up to kick Fenno’s AC Slater out of top. I was always more of a Zack Morris girl anyway.