Eds' Letter

Hello you cool sexy reader,

As we reach our penultimate issue of the year, the leaves are off the trees and forming a slippy mush under our damp, frostbitten feet as we trudge to college, only to be rewarded for our struggle with a midterm. However, we here at o-two are prepared to sacrifice our time (and most likely, a few grade points) to bring you this entertainment feast to perk you up.

Our music features this issue include Good Charlotte, with lead singer Joel Madden explaining why he’ll never go solo (yeah right), Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, the stupidest sounding duo in hip-hop and the Temper Trap, who wrote that song that won’t ever get off the fucking radio. I mean I liked ‘Sweet Dispositions’ at first too, but I think they could now be considered 2010’s Celine Dion.

We have once again scoured the magic happiness box in the living room for all the TV and film articles you could ask for, provided you are asking for seven. There are reviews of the latest cinema releases that we got to view with all the proper journalists, alongside some features on TV shows and film trends.

We have a new fashion spread all about the new shapes gracing the catwalk (come on, rhombus) and ethical fashion – buying clothes in a charitable way, as done by Bono, which I assume means one per cent to starving sweat shop workers and 99 per cent into a Dutch bank account. We also have tons of great stuff spread throughout the paper; food and drink, internet trends, gaming, rants about people walking slowly, the lot! So sit back, spread the paper over your shared library desk and enjoy.


Emer and Killian.