€1 million book funding granted to library

UCD Library Services have secured €1 million funding to allocate towards restocking the library’s physical resources, including books and physical copies of journals, as well as broadening student accessibility to online content, such as online journals and eBooks.

In recent years, UCD Library Services have curbed their investment into revising current resources due to inadequate funding, resulting in the existing collections becoming out-dated.

Student complaints in relation to the library failing to supply the latest editions of textbooks and access to relevant online resources was brought to the attention of the University Management Team by Students’ Union President, Rachel Breslin, resulting in a committee set up by the University to research the strategic needs of the library.

Commenting on the announcement, Breslin highlighted that investment in library resources has been lacking in recent years: “For a few years now we’ve seen a lot of students noticing and commenting on the physical resources, like the books and the journals, have not been purchased on the same levels that they were and I think that began really affecting students last year when they were seeing that the latest volume of their textbooks weren’t available or there weren’t enough.”

She continued, “This year there has been an extra €1 million allocated, which is a ten-fold increase on last year, to improve resources such as online journals, physical journals, books, and bringing up to date the collections again.”

Speaking to The University Observer, Students’ Union Education Officer Shane Comer expressed his delight that significant funding has been made available for updating the current stock: “It’s a great development there, on top of the return of the opening hours. Resourcing the library is a huge step forward. There have been complaints in previous years about only one book being available for a large class of students. So hopefully this increased funding will help alleviate that problem.”

Comer continued to emphasise how vital such an investment of this proportion is to the UCD library: “For a university, the largest university in the country, it’s an extreme necessity.  One development I’ve heard is that some of the money will be put into online journals and eBooks, which is a big step forward for a university that is as involved in research as UCD.”

Comer was unable to confirm if the investment was a once off contribution, but remarked that he will be investigating if the University intends on renewing such contributions on an annual basis.