Quotes of the Fortnight


“We don’t think that’s an acceptable way to deal with unoins and management should not assume that they can expect union co-operation”

General Secretary of UCD SIPTU, Dr Kieran Allen, puts across his argument loud and clear

“Well, obviously, you dig a big hole in the ground.”

Dominic O’Keeffe, Manager for Students’ Centre, explains the logistics of building the 50 meter swimming pool.

“Over the moon wouldn’t be the words that come to mind when it comes charging students money, but it is a progression.”

Students Union Education Officer, Paul Lynam, comments on his success in reducing registration fee for one-semester repeat students.

“It is an amateur publication produced by students.”

SU Campaigns and Communications Officer, Dan O’Neill, in response to claims that the Freshers’ Guide may be illegible to students with certain disabilities.