Quotes of the Fortnight


“I think it’s particularly important in a university environment that there should not be an attitude that people have a right not to be offended.”
Literary and Historical Society Auditor, Ian Hastings, comments on ‘sexist’ slogans painted on L&H Porn Debate posters.

“I was there last Thursday and it was good.”
Students’ Union President, Aodhán Ó Deá discusses his recent visit to the SU-subsidised STI clinic

“There are basically less people to do the work this year. It will be particularly difficult.”
Head of the Student Health Service , Dr Sandra Tighe expresses concerns over the wellbeing of the Student Health Service.

“He bulk bought these from this crowd in Manchester and then he gives them off to us at the same price”
Students Union Welfare Officer, Conor Fingleton explains the technicalities of his new condom deal