I was disappointed by the extent to which UCD students ran amok on campus this Black Monday, September 12.

No one is going to say students can’t ring in the new college year with a night of partying, indeed I was amongst them, but the level to which some students took it was even beyond the worst of what you see might in the city centre on a Saturday night.

I was in the (dangerously overcrowded) Student Bar when a vicious fight broke out that resulted in the bar closing early.

Walking back to res afterwards, disappointed with the night, I witnessed so many cases of students vomiting and endangering one another that I realised enjoying drinks on campus is no longer a safe idea for me in future.

It seems no surprise to me that it was this same night that the Taoiseach was supposedly drinking too much at a party function that has resulted in a major political embarrassment for the entire country.

The students of Ireland need to take a cold hard look at themselves and ask if they are drinking too much.

Yours, etc

Joseph Stewart

2nd Arts

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