Campus Band Questionnaire: Studious Tim

Studious Tim’s Jonny Briody and Richie Geoghegan talk to O-two about the inspiration for their band name, odd gigging venues and their pioneering ‘thfwip’ sound

Who are your members and what do they play?

Richie: My name is Richard Geoghegan and I do lead vocals and guitar. Stephen O’Connor plays lead guitar, Jonathan Briody plays bass, and Andrew Hynes is the drummer and Jennifer Gallagher, the keyboardist.

Where did the band’s name come from?

Richie: I actually have no idea!

Jonny: The name comes from the sixth seldom seen member of the band ‘Tim’. No one is quite sure what instrument he plays, if any and why he is such a key member of the band. He is rarely seen, as unfortunately he can’t make a lot of our gigs or practices due to academic constraints.

Some have implied that the name in fact has nothing to do with this ‘fictitious’ sixth member and in fact came in part from our friends trying to find us the most obscure and anti-band name possible and also in part due to the fact that we couldn’t think of anything else that didn’t make us sound like hippie prog rockers, but we’ll let you decide which fits better.

Where do you gig?
Richie: Currently that would be birthday parties and small venues, but hopefully we’ll be gigging a lot more after the Battle of the Bands.

Jonny: Also, nursing homes, showers, back alleys, birthdays, your ma’s, sometimes even real venues such as the Student Bar, mostly places with bad security that can’t stop us from getting in.

What do you play on your tour bus?

Jonny: Monopoly, charades and a new game I invented entitled: ‘Who can best distract the bus driver on dangerous turns?’ Well, I play that, the others play: ‘Who can scream the loudest as we hurtle towards oncoming traffic?’

How do you describe your sound?
Richie: I guess it’s rock, with a big pop, blues and indie influence to it.

Jonny: A mixture of that “thfwip” noise when your leaving a cinema and your shoe nearly gets pulled off you by the sticky stuff on the floor and the vague conviction that a song with any less than 15 power chords is a complete waste of time.

How did the band start?

Richie: I started the band in January of this year asking friends in UCD, Johnny and Jen, to join. I met Andrew our drummer in the Music Society and he recruited Stephen.

What’s the best thing about UCD?

Richie: The Student Bar. And the people here, the people here are cool!

What’s the worst thing about UCD?

Richie: The whole academic part, how it interferes with the band and also the fact the Forum Bar is closed.

Jonny: The lack of a serious jam space or instrument baby-sitting service, it is not easy lugging a bass through six hours of lectures.

Who you would you pick to play your dream festival?

Richie: There are so many bands we’d love to have. To name a few: Modest Mouse, Chilli Peppers, Tool, Rage Against the Machine, Queens of the Stone Age, Gorillaz, The Cardigans, Rammstein and HIM.

What is your dream venue to play?

Richie: We’d love to play Webster Hall in NY or The Fillmore in California and Electric Picnic.

Jonny: The UCD Ball would be amazing!

How do you differ from other bands in UCD?

Jonny: Unlike many of the other bands in this college, we don’t ‘play’ music per-se, that’s far too mainstream.

Richie: Jen put this one very well: ‘Well I know we don’t hurt your ears and make you want to pull your eyes out when you hear us.’

Check out Studious Tim’s new demo on their Facebook page now.

In conversation with Cormac Duffy