Arrest Made on UCD Campus

A man arrested on UCD campus is due to appear before the Criminal Courts of Justice with regard to charges of larceny. The man was arrested at approximately 4.30pm on November 4th outside the Science building and was taken to Donnybrook Garda station for questioning.

The man in question allegedly shouted at security guards while they were in pursuit. One witness stated that “the guy actually seemed to be looking for a chase by shouting ‘Oi!’ at his pursuers”. Another witness described how the man laughed and pointed at the UCD security staff. The accused was caught shortly after this utterance.

A Garda car was brought to the scene to accompany security staff and to make the arrest. Two Gardaí and numerous security personnel followed the man for a short distance before the arrest was made. The Gardaí were said to have arrested the man with comparative ease, with a witness explaining that they “just went up to him, caught hold of him and put the handcuffs on him”. The eyewitness identified the man as having “glasses, a moustache and carrying a bag”.

Upon the arrest, the Gardaí searched the man’s person and subsequently the man’s bag.  An eyewitness to the arrest described the finding of a possible piece of evidence, “they took something from his pocket and put it in a notebook but I don’t know what it was”. Nothing was taken from the man’s bag, which was left intact for Gardaí investigations.

It is still unclear as to what was stolen from the campus or from where it was stolen, but it is understood that the offense is linked to the theft of several laptops on October 28th this year. Sergeant Brian Whelan has described the investigations as “on-going”