Album Review – Space Between the Words – Dan Le Sac

Dan Le Sac - Space Between the Words album artArtist: Dan Le Sac
Album: Space Between the Words
Grade: B

With the release of Scroobius Pip’s solo album Distraction Pieces last September, it is unsurprising that his long-time collaborator Dan Le Sac, has now released a solo album of his own. Though Space Between the Words isn’t so much a solo album as a producer album featuring various artists; and the three tracks that are genuinely solo efforts feel more like filler than anything else. Both ‘Reprisals’ and ‘Hold Yourself Lightly’ build up without really going anywhere, while ‘Beside’ almost sounds like Dan Le Sac is attempting to channel Brian Eno.

The album features a variety of artists though none of them can match the lyrical intensity of his usual partner-in-crime, Scroobius Pip. ‘Long Night of Life’ and ‘Zephyr’ both features vocals by electro-folk star Merz. Emmy the Great makes an impressively haunting appearance on the soft-metal track ‘Memorial’; a track very reminiscent of Elena Siegman’s musical offerings. Urban producer, Sarah Williams White provides the words for ‘Play Along’. Fraser Rowan, notable for performing a blend of post-rock and electronica under the moniker The Lava Experiments, stands out as one of the better vocalists on this record with his soothing crooning acting as the perfect accompaniment to the chilled electronic beats of ‘Breathing Underwater’. ‘Tuning’ features Joshua Idehan of the funk act Benin City and Pete Hefferan of indie rockers, Pete and the Pirates appears on ‘Cherubs’. Joshua Idehan’s calm delivery contrasts well with the frantic backing track of ‘Tuning’, while Pete Hefferan’s vocals soar over the piano chords of ‘Cherubs’.

Overall, Dan Le Sac’s approach to Space Between the Words is so scatological that it really feels like a compilation CD rather than a proper album. Despite a few sparkles of excellence, this album doesn’t manage to live up to expectations.

In a Nutshell: Good, but not good enough.

by Steven Balbirnie