CD Review: Father, Son, Holy Ghost

Artist: Girls

Album: Father, Son, Holy Ghost

Grade: B-

Freedom never sounded so sweet to Christopher Owens. Growing up in a repressive religious sect known as the Children of God, he was forbidden from listening to music from the outside world. Father, Son, Holy Ghost unleashes all the creativity and bottled emotion that Owens has absorbed since his escape.

Without the Beach Boys-inspired, happy-surfer vibe of their last album, Father, Son, Holy Ghost takes inspiration from old fashioned rock and roll, gospel and everything in between. Lyrically, Owens has bravely chosen to touch on his troubled upbringing. Tracks such as ‘Just a Song’, ‘Vomit’ and especially ‘My Ma’ sound like melancholic diary entries, exposing Owens’ mixed understandings of life after the cult. ‘Magic’ breaks the morbid chain with feel-good harmonies until, inevitably, we’re presented with a line such as “nothing is going to get any better.”

In a nutshell: Melancholic, but you would be too if your mother was a prostitute.