AgSoc apologise for damage at Goat pub

UCD’s Agricultural Science Society (AgSoc) held a fundraising event in the Goat Public House in Goatstown on the 28th September. The evening, the proceeds of which went to charity, turned into alcohol-induced mayhem with both the Gardaí and an ambulance being called at different stages of the evening.

Complaints were received by the University Observer from an anonymous source stating that “from approximately 10.30pm until at least 3am there was shouting, swearing, urinating in public, breaking of glasses and bottles, and the main reason I am contacting you, the destruction (by way of snapping in half) of a number of recently planted trees on the Goatstown Road”.

According to the source, it took many years of liaising with the local county councillors to have the trees planted, so it was met with “great regret” that a number of them had been destroyed. Auditor of AgSoc, John Douglas, refused to confirm that it had been AgSoc members who broke the trees, “I seen trees broken this morning but again, I didn’t see it going on […] I seen five or six trees broken”.

A representative from the Goat stated that the students stayed for an hour and a half after the bar closed, refusing to leave when asked to do so; additionally, “they broke tables and chairs – one table and five chairs”.

An ambulance was called to the Goat after a girl allegedly put her head through a window. Douglas was unsure as to exactly what happened; “not too sure, she was stitched up and whatever had to be done with her, cleaned up”.

Douglas stated that “we didn’t want anything to upset anyone, we just wanted to have a bit of fun; it’s for charity sure, we just wanted to raise money for charity, sure that’s what AgSoc have been doing for years, any nights they did was for charity”.

The source of the complaint, who is also a UCD alumnus, was “really appalled at the manner in which these students behaved and [the] picture that they have now portrayed of UCD Agricultural Science Students/UCD – I would expect a lot more from them”.

Student Union President Pat de Brún commented on the negative effect that the incident could have on events organised by other societies in future;  “Obviously it’s hugely damaging to the reputation of students in UCD. It puts future society, Union and sports club events in danger in terms of what venues we can use”.

Douglas insists that, in order to prevent a similar situation arising again, he would “find out who’s causing the trouble, find out who the messers are – it’s not acceptable, we would e-mail the members, that behaviour won’t be allowed on any Ag nights, it’s not the Ag way”.

AgSoc have made a formal apology for their members’ behaviour on the night. The Goat will not be seeking compensation from AgSoc.